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Mattie's Chocolates is different from average chocolate delights. Our chocolates satisfy your taste and help elevate your mood. The infused flavors of our chocolates provide an experience of warmth, love and relaxation. We make our chocolates differently from all competitors – we offer a new flair and flavor. Mattie’s Chocolates is an expression of what I saw in and felt from my Grandmother....Mattie. She was fun, vibrant, honest, and full of life - a breath of fresh air! And so, the chocolates reflect her spirit. The chocolates are unique in taste unlike any others on the market. The initial response to the taste of our chocolates is a wide-eyed, eyebrow raising smile! Mattie’s Chocolates are delightfully delicious and make great gifts for any occasion. We have heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s and Anniversaries. An assortment of flavored candies is perfect for filling baskets for Easter, Graduations, Parties and more. To add some fun, we can color our chocolates to coordinate with event themes. We are taking orders now, so call (706) 538-8745 or place your order online at We hope that you enjoy our chocolates and confectionary treats and then share Mattie’s Chocolates with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.